February Features


If your princess baby shower invitations are printed on papers that are too thin, soft and light, you run the risk of someone thinking that you used a tissue paper. An occasion as special as announcing the arrival of your newborn deserves the highest quality paper so it can be preserved for future remembrance. 

Then what kind of paper should you use? From texture to thickness, we have featured the very best selections from the best paper mills around the world. From these paper options, know you’ll find the perfect fit for every celebration. Read on to find out more.


Matte is a soft-to-touch paper that is ideal for crafting RSVP cards, invitations, and other paper-based party essentials. The paper features an eggshell texture with a smooth finish to provide the perfect backdrop your special invitations and announcements. Its features include:

• Weighs 120 pounds with 17 point thickness

• Soft to touch with an eggshell texture and smooth finish


Semi-Gloss is a smooth and thin paper designed for printing high-quality photos with the optimal color vibrancy. The paper features a slightly glossy finish which makes it a perfect option for any paper projects from baby shower invitations to personal correspondence. Its features include:

• Weights 110 pounds with 12.5 point thickness

• A smooth texture finish suited for full-color photo printing with optimal vibrant finish

• Made in the USA with 40 percent post-consumer content


Ultra-Thick is a thick, hand-pressed paper for those who want to design invitations with a sophistication that is not only unique but also one that stands out from the crowd. The paper is ideal for wedding invitations and unique wedding shower invitations. Its features include:

• Available in select sizes.

• Weighs 360 pounds with 42 point thickness

• Rich, creamy cotton texture


Linen is a superbly elegant paper for special occasions such as traditional weddings and baby shower invitations. The paper’s beautiful texture finish with embossed lines creates a subtle but a perfectly timeless impression. Its key features include:

• Weights 100 pounds with 12.5 point thickness

• Subtle, elegant linen texture


Laid features a richly crafted ribbed texture finish. You can enrich your announcements and invitations with this paper’s bespoke feel and look, almost resembling the first handmade paper. Its key features include:

• Weights 100 pounds with 16.5 point thickness

• Comes with rich crafted ribbed texture

• Made in the USA of 30 percent post-consumer content

Felt White 

Felt White is a thick and textured paper with an embossed woven finish. Like the canvas of a fine watercolor, this paper’s brilliant white color and velvety feel create an artsy backdrop for your chosen designs. Some of its key features include: 

• Weights 100 pounds with 16.6 point thickness

• Rich white, thick with velvet weaved texture


Columned is a true classic premium weight paper with a crafted from a sustainable cotton-blend. The paper features horizontal fine columned texture to provide sophistication that stands out from the crowd and one set the tone for your special events. Some of its key features include: 

• Weights 100 pounds with 15.2 point thickness

• Consists of 25% cotton

• Horizontal fine columned texture 

Felt Ecru 

Felt Ecru is a slightly rustic paper with the finesse of fine art. The paper quality is almost similar to a high-quality watercolor paper. Featuring a warm and creamy ecru hue, your special invitations and announcements will be well-served with this textured and velvet-to-the-touch paper. Some of its key features include:

• Weights 100 pounds with 16.6 point thickness

• Rich cream; textured and velvet-to-the-touch


Kraft is a high-quality earth tone paper with a beautifully smooth texture. This paper is eco-friendly and its au naturel look is ideal for outdoorsy occasions that require a romantic Do It Yourself touch. Some of its key features include:

• Weights 100 pounds with 14 point thickness

• Earth tone with Smooth texture


Shimmer is a smooth, white hued specialty paper with a luxuriously satin texture that is enhanced with a shimmer finish. This paper can become a designer backdrop for your special invitations and announcements. They are of two types: Pearl Shimmer and Champagne Shimmer. Some of its key features include:

• Weights 110 pounds with 14.3 point thickness

• Satin texture with shimmer finish 


A wonderfully crepe-paper thin covering on most baby shower invitations is known as vellum. This thin paper is usually translucent and adds an elegant touch to printed invitations. Some people choose to print directly onto the vellum itself. Some of its key features include: 

• Weighs 17 pounds with 7.1 point thickness

• Thin, translucent, elegant touch